What do you use to feed treats?


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May 8, 2011
I want to start giving my chickens treats (left over foods from the dinner table we didn't eat) but I don't know what to put it in? Do you use a plate, bowl, or just throw it in the run on the ground?
It depends on what type of treats. If it is watermelon, cantelope fresh veggies and such I throw it on the ground. If it is scramble eggs or any kind of oatmeal or yogurt stuff like that it goes in the white bowl. They know the white bowl.
I like to keep scraps out of the run, so if they reject anything it doesn't sit there and rot. Anything dry goes right on a big flat paver that sits between the run and one of my composters. Wet stuff goes on a paper plate, normally one I've already used in the house for something. Anything the chickens leave gets tossed right into the composter, soggy plate and all.
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I bought a Life is Good ceramic bowl that was on clearance.


I like it because it's nice and big so they can all get their beaks in there. It doesn't tip over. Cleans up easy too.
I generally use a black rubber bowl for leftovers like soup, stew, and other liquid food. Most of the time treats and leftovers are thrown on the ground or on a paper plate.
I leave a old 9 by 16 cake pan in the run for the messy treats. Watermelon goes on the ground. Bread and other non-messy stuff, they eat out of my hands

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