what does duck taste like?


9 Years
Nov 18, 2010
tioga tx
I have never had duck before and have heard a few things about it.

1) meat is very red
2) duck is greasy
3) best served medium rare

I am looking for opinions here. Any info would be appreciated. my questions are:

1) do you process the same as chicken?
2) what is best way to serve duck?
3) If you grill it, does it cook teh same as chicken? Does it get rubbery if overcooked?
The only way I've eaten duck is served Pekin style, really crispy on the outside and you eat it with hoisin sauce and roll it in a little "pancake". It tastes like dark meat heaven that way!!!!!!!!!

My 8 year old, (5 at the time), couldn't eat enough duck when we were in China. He quite literally starts salivating if Chinese duck is mentioned. If he sees a live duck, he starts yelling "Sacrifice! Sacrifice!" They KNOW how to cook it up in China!!!!!!
I'll be interested in the REAL answers you get on here, as I figure we should maybe raise some too!
I was also going to say that is the BEST way to eat duck. Mmmm. I tend not to like the fat near the skin, but it comes off real easy, you can almost peel it off the duck before you cook it.
When cooking duck, does it have to be prepared medium rare to keep a good consistency?
How old are the ducks you processs?
Does it grill well?

thank you for the information Steve.
On Food Network, I've seen a few chefs score the skin about half way through, then par-boil to release some of the fat. The duck is finished in the oven. Keep in mind that duck fat is culinary gold...

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