What Does Everyone Feed Their Chickens When They Are Sick?

Miss HennyPenny

6 Years
Jun 19, 2013
Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
These questions only arise when things happen don't they? :rolleyes:

One of my young cockerels is currently under vet treatment. He is feeling very sorry for himself and has lost quite a bit of weight. He even put himself to bed about 4pm!

I gave him scrambled egg and mealworms soaked in warm water for breakfast and have just given him some of his pellets soaked in warm water before bed.

I was just wondering if anyone has any tried and tested remedies or particular types of food they feed to build them back up again?
You can try some comfrey leaves, my chickens like them and it is known for it's medicinal remedies. I would use the younger leaves as old comfrey leaves can contain toxin.
I usually do like you do and feed them eggs, scrambled or hardboiled. I also like to feed a higher protein chicken food like starter or game bird food wetted into a mash. Mine also like meat scraps so will feed them some cooked hamburger etc. One thing that sometimes works if they are active but not really interested in eating is having another chicken near them so they feel like they have some competition for the food, they may not really want to eat, but they want the other chicken to get the food even less.
Raw, scrambled and hardboiled eggs. I sometimes make unsweetened oatmeal for them, but I prefer that for my own breakfast.

Hope your cockerel has a speedy recovery!
Thank you everyone!

I'm definitely on the look out for high protein food, Kelsie to build his muscle back up. It's just know what you can safely give to chickens isn't it? I feed him around the other 3 chicks who also get some just in case they start to show signs

Suebee, he started with Mycoplasmosis about a week ago. I introduced a rooster about 6 weeks ago so he probably brought it with him!

Well this morning he will be getting oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Thanks SilkiesForever! ;)

I will keep you posted and keep the ideas coming! :D
I have a hen who has been ill and I am currently nursing her back to health.She would not eat for several days and lost some weight also.Now that she is better,I find that some greens from the garden,bits of fruit and veggies are very popular with her.She really seems to enjoy honeydew melon.I am also mixing some higher protein game bird chow(unmedicated) in with her layer pellets to give her a little extra boost. Good luck with your boy,sounds like he is well on his way to recovery.

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