What does "Stay Logged In" button do?


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Mar 5, 2019
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When I log in, there is a box I can check or uncheck before I log in, saying "STAY logged in." It's always clicked on. How can I stay logged in if I'm not logged in yet? Should I leave it like that? Why is that an option, what does it do? Thanks for somebody 'splainin' it to me. (I don't know why I keep saying that, other than it's cute, I was never an I Love Lucy fan!)
You must have your browser setting to clear all of your history/log in type things each time you close it if you are clicking on that box yet still having to log in when you open your browser.
I usually stay logged in, but I have to log back in every once in a while, since I use the two step verification.
All sites that I go to I'm always logged in. I never log out unless of course I clean browser, cache etc. I do this when pc is running slow. Some sites run slow if you don't clear history and cache. I usually delete everything and start by signing back into sites I go to.

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