what does this 3 week old frizzles have?

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    I am posting this for a friend of mine, and the pics are not great since they were done with my phone, but this is the gist...

    3 week old frizzle, losing feathers....bald spots, almost hot to the touch all over body

    doesnt act sick and poo is normal.

    Has been separated from other chicks. She intergrated 3 frizzle chicks, which this is one of with another 10 chicks that were 4 day olds, and the frizzles were 2 weeks old.

    They have been together for 1 week now.

    The are on non medicated grain, pine shavings and fresh water daily.

    Any ideas? I am suggesting she put it on medicated feed..... she isn't going for that though.
    we did checks for mites/bugs and all looked clear.

    Thank you.....



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    Have you bred or looked into the frizzle gene before?

    Mites & lice can cause feather loss, but you should look into the genetics of frizzle. A healthy frizzle will seem hot to the touch, as their temps are higher than yours, and due to poor feathering- you can feel the skin more.

    The genetics are complicated, but you may have an frizzle with a set of the dominant frizzle gene- the feathers are very abnormal as well as some of the internal organs, the feathers are fragile and fall out/break off, and most of the birds die young.

    Most breeders try to avoid getting the combo (breeding Frizzle to Frizzle), as then they have to do alot of culling- or sell sickly birds.

    Google frazzle, which is a term for double Frizzle gene
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    Jun 11, 2008
    New Hampshire
    I have done a google search without much success but I will keep plugging along.
    I did not know about the body temperature thing...that I will tell her.
    Anyone else???
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    Nov 15, 2016
    [​IMG]I too have a Frizzle chick 5 wks old with bald areas. I'm praying the little thing is not a Frizzle Frizzle. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Hopefully if it is a Frizzle Frizzle it will be a male so I can bread it with a smooth Cochin to break the gene down some.
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