What does this mean?


10 Years
Sep 7, 2009
Southeast texas
Every time i come on to BYC the last few day this box pops up in the left hand corner why is it asking me this and what does it mean if i allow or block?

Thank you
BYC has never asked to use my location. Might be malware.

Might be because I'm using Adblocker (highly recommend, prevents a lot of malicious 'adware' type stuff from popping up, as well as legitimate ads too, which is no loss in my opinion!)

Best wishes.
I was, but I thought 'twas just the fact that I was using my husband's laptop instead of mine, and Chrome instead of Firefox. I clicked the Block button, and it hasn't popped up again.

Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to clean things up *sigh*

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