What does this sound mean?

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    I have a 5 month old rooster, very sweet as pie, doesn't mind being held at all. But this morning he made this really weird sound. He stood there VERY still, frozen in place for about 2-3 minutes making this low trilling (not purring) sound. Idk if he was giving the hens at warning or what. I captured his weird sound on video. Hopefully my link/url works!

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    you have your privacy settings blocking access to the file, you would need to make it 'Public'
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    I can't see the video but it sounds like an alert call.
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    Couldn't access it. Besides, I don't do Facebook on principle.

    The best way to ascertain what the vocalization means is to watch the hens' reaction. If they all freeze when he does it, or run for cover, you'll know for sure it's a warning call. There's another warning call that is a five-note phrase with the accent on the third note, all piped out rapidly. It means danger may be approaching, so be alert.

    Any of the flock who notices a stranger approaching, whether human or animal, will sound this alert.
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