What does Urban Edge mean with regard to property?

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    I've advertised our farm online and had an email enquiry two days ago. "Does the property fall in the Urban Edge of town?". I explained that the property is very close to the town, it doesn't border the town, but we have one piece of land between us and the town border. And got another reply asking again if it falls in the urban edge of town. I'm not sure what this guy wants to know.
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    Not sure,... you are in a different country than us though,.
    Maybe they are asking if the land abuts the towns line/property?? :confused:
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    Call your county planning department and ask.

    We have a thing here called the Urban Growth Boundary. It makes a lot of difference in what the property is worth and what you can do with the property.

    So you need to find out if there is some sort of zoning classification in your area called "Urban Edge"

    Or it is possible that your potential buyer has read something that recommends living at the Urban Edge and he thinks it is some sort of real classification. But you want to sell, so make the effort to find out.

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