What does weeping look like?


9 Years
Jan 11, 2011
Central Coast, CA
So I candled my eggs today, I set evening of 2/24 so I guess it is the fourth day. I have a mix of olive eggers, welsummers ameraucanas, and easter eggers.

I was able to candle some of the more blue eggs and saw veining on a good portion (yay!). I tried the welsummers but it was hard to see anything. One though had these little beaded crystals on the outside. It was a little ligther too and I couldn't see any development so I threw it away.

IS that what weeping looks like? Little crystalized beads on the outside? It looked like someone put tiny dots from a glue gun on the outside, if that makes sense. I would just like confirmation if possible that this is what it was, I'm curious!!!
yeah thats weeping if you left it in longer it would have started to kind of drip and the blow up. I left one in a little too long when I did my first hatch and luckely it didnt explode. Everyone on here saved me told me to get it out NOW!

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