What dog breed for a family?


12 Years
Apr 9, 2007
In a few months once everything is settled at our house, we are going to start looking for a good FAMILY dog.
We arent ruling out mixes(will probly get a mix anyways),but we went some ideas on good breeds for the family.

The only dog going with us is my min pin,the grumpy old chi is staying with my sister since she hates my husband and Hope is more of my mom's dog then mine, so she is staying with her.
We do have a young daughter,which is why we are looking for a very friendly dog breed.
Our house is kind-of small and we have a tiny yard,but can take for walks daily.
Size doesnt really matter as long as its a breed that can handle a smallish house.
Theres only a few breeds I wont get such as labs and beagles. I had them and didnt click with them.
I used to take in alot of rescues so Ive had several breeds,but alot of them had issues, so I dont know how the breeds truely were.
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One breed i plan on getting is a English bulldog, love the stocky little guys
I have two choices for you I Know from my own family Shepard or Lab either is a great family pet but you might wanna look on animal Planet.com/dogs 101 but with training and dog can be a family dog it all just depends on what breed picks you.

So good luck and be sure to post pics when you get it.
We have a female Golden Retriever. I am very allergic... but we love her dearly

I would love to have a Golden Doodle that I could test non-allergic to.

Anyone in Phoenix Metro have a large Poodle stud that would like to come for a visit?
I find it easier to tell you what breeds or mixes to stay away from than to go after. These are my personal and professional opinions not just based on heresay....however take it as you wish. Whatever you choose the most important thing is to see the dog interact with ALL your family members and be comfortable with him/her.

I would stay away from chows and chow mixes, akitas and akita mixes, cocker spaniels, daschunds, dalmations and things like Brazilian Mastiffs, Italian Mastiffs, Tosas. Different reasons for the different breeds/mixes but lets just say they either are prone to biting family or strangers or both. Or...just don't have temperaments to live well with families.
I suggest going to your local library and checking out one of those huge 'encyclopedia of the dog' books, and find breeds that you really like and think would fit in with your family. Then do more research online and narrow it down to just a few. Then look for purebreds or mixes that include the breeds that you are most interested in. For my family, if we get another dog it will be an American Pit Bull Terrier, Great Dane, or some sort of Mastiff. Those are the breeds that work for us.

Everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world and will suggest that breed to you. Look up what you think will work best with your family.
I don't have a link but there are breed profile calculators online. You type in what your preferences are in a dog and it tells you which breeds would be a good fit for you.
Purina might have one online.
Personally I love my Rat Terriers. Small dogs, easy to keep clean. In the house they are couch potatoes but outside they are active. Good with kids and love everyone.
You don't say what kind of dog Hope is but your other 2 are small. You raise mice. To me is sounds like you lean towards things on the smaller side. I don't think a Great Dane or a St. Bernard would be on your list of dogs.

I can't say it enough, ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT. Shelters are over flowing. Pet shops and backyard breeders just overflow the market with dogs that are full of problems. You can find puppies and full-grown dogs at shelters. Check out PetSmart or Petco. The rescues that work with them usually have good dogs that have been handled a good bit. They have health checks and are usually spayed or neutered if they are at a reasonable age.

Best dogs I've ever had have been All-Americans aka, mixed mutts!
I have had several Breeds of Dogs, and the all time best was the Golden Retriever my parents got me for my 9th birthday! I still compare every dog I get to him, and none come even close. He was my best friend, and I miss him sooo much. I sobbed for days when we had to put him down. I still have several pictures of him in my living room.

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