What dogs do you use to protect your flock?

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    I am interesting in getting a dog that I can raise as a flock protector, to get as a puppy and raise with the chickens so it knows they are friends, not food. (I have had great success doing this with cats. Raise a dog with kittens and it really starts to think its a cat rather than a dog, lol).

    I am really interested in hearing what breeds of dog everyone has with their chickens (or has had in the past). I am interested in great success stories as well as great failures (kind of a what to do, what not to do, sort of thing).

    I found a great post on here the other day where someone had raised a German Shorthair Pointer with their chickens which I found very interesting!

    I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice, stories, and words of wisdom. Thanks so much!
  2. RoosterAddict99

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    Jul 23, 2012
    Well to guard chickens, I really would not recommend a dauchshund! I have one and she has killed a chick in the past. She hasn't done it again, although, she's tried. The perfect guard dog, in my opinion is the Australian Shepard. My first dog, named Shelby, used to literally babysit me! I have pictures of her and me playing with toys as I leaned against her, before I could even walk. Unfortunately, she never got to guard chickens. She was very old and died before I got them. A little over a year ago, me and my family bought Sasha! She is a mini Aussie and she's perfect! She is particularly respectful of the chickens because of a misunderstanding with a rooster. He didn't hurt her but, he did scare her pretty good. Sasha doesn't exactly sit out all day with the chickens and watch thier every move but, she would definately bark if a stranger entered the property. We hope to train her to herd when we have sheep! Good luck and I hope you find yourself a great dog!!!
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    Aug 25, 2012
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    i have a german rottwiler that protects our chickens we might of lost some but thats cuz they went into neighbors yard but Rott's are really good at protecting
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    Aug 12, 2012
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    My border collies are great with chickens and ducks, and they will keep them from straying!
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    I have a true working farm dog. Maremma x Great Pyr.

    However, if you don't have a lot of room, these dogs aren't for you. They need to parole a big area. Plus they take 2 years to reach maturity. They are stubborn, and very, very smart. They have that guarding instinct in them from birth for the most part.

    I also have a corgi mix that is beyond amazing with the birds. He never had to be trained. He was just good. He knew they were mine, and therefore his to protect.

    Then there is the poodle, who is chick guard.
  6. fisherlady

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    I have an English Shepherd that we have had great success with.... but I say that with a strong BUT....
    There are many great breeds designed and bred for generations to be Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs), however you must purchase your LGD based on many things...
    .... the size of the livestock (some breeds do better with large stock, some with smaller... so make sure there isn't a conflict there for you)
    .... the amount of room you have to allow your dog to move around and exercise. Some dogs don't do well on small properties unless you can find them somewhere to exercise and burn off extra energy
    .... the personality (and even bloodline) of the dog itself!!!! I can't stress that enough. You should have someone with some experience help guide you in finding the right dog after you decide what breed you like. A breeder who is familiar with how their dogs behave around chickens is a great thing! They should be able to help you pick a dog with temperment that matches what you need.... the cutest of the bunch may be totally wrong for you if it isn't calm or cooperative. Starting out with a hard headed dog wouldn't be a good introduction into LGDs for you, or your chickens.

    I wish you luck, and don't rush your search... getting the right dog is an absolute joy and a can provide a lot of peace of mind!

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