What DON'T chickens like to eat?


9 Years
Oct 13, 2012
Orlando, Florida
And what foods should be avoided?

So far I've confirmed that orange is yucky... heads shaken in disgust just looking at an opened segment of tangerine.

Mine do not like blackberries and cooked beans. So far they love yogurt (OH SO much!), pumpkin, sunflower seeds (picked right from the flower head), apple peels and cooked oatmeal!
I think it depends on the chicken. Countless times I've seen people post that their chickens won't go anywhere near boxelder bugs - but our 2-week olds devour them like they're endangered gourmet bugs. The older chicks also absolutely refuse to drink anything with ACV in it...but the 3 day olds drink it without issue.
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Mine won't eat the adult sow bugs (but they will eat the small ones), cockroaches, stink bugs, squash bugs, fuzzy caterpillars, and some brightly patterned moths. They'll eat just about anything else that moves. It's funny that you mentioned oranges because I gave some that were overripe and they demolished them. They won't eat celery (not even the leaves) but I can't think of another veggie that they wouldn't eat.

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