What eats heads off of ducks and Chickens


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Nov 18, 2007
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:welcome :frowThis is an older thread but still pertinent. I had an issue with a GHO. I accidentally caught it. We got it into a cage and called a wildlife rehab who came and got it as they are federally protected. They said they had a release area and it shouldn't be back.
Jun 3, 2021
Serpa, Portugal
I have 10 Muscovy Ducks that live fairly free down by a lake that I have on my property. Nothing ever happens to them and I don't snip their wing feathers (so that they can get away if they need to). Yesterday, I identified two to be slaughtered today for our xmas dinner. Yesterday I placed them outside my chicken coop in the run overnight so that I can easily get hold of them this morning. I snipped their wing feathers (I now think this was a mistake. When I got to the Coop this morning they were both decapitated. Not much blood at all, no struggle from what I can see and no fence penetration but there are small gaps, I mean really small. We do have weasels here in Portugal and foxes but have two Guard dogs that have the run of the property at night and they do a good job of chasing everything away. It was raining for most of the night which meant that the Guard dogs might have been in their house at te time that the attack happened. The chicken run is not covered so I now suspect we must have some sort of areal predators too (nocturnal). I have no idea what caused this since its the first time anything like this has happened in many years. Im so sad about this but more so also worrying about the ducks down by the lake and potentially our new born lambs that's about to be weaned from the mothers. At the moment I think it might have been an owl or a weasel as the only thing missing is the heads and literally nothing else, not even a feather out of place. 😭😭😭😭😭


Dec 31, 2020
I found out it must have been the fox, a neighbor chased one off the same day my ducks were killed ...and here in Germany, they hide fox vaccine in chicken heads, I don’t know if they prefer the heads or are used to eating heads cos of the vaccine?!

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