What eats JUST the head?


8 Years
Feb 27, 2011
Ok, what kind of critter eats just the head and attacks during the daytime? I lost a rooster today. :-(
Great Horned Owls will just eat the heads. Don't think that they are exclusive to hunting at night, if an owl is awake and sees prey, it won't hesitate to pounce.
depends on if it actually got in the run/coop. a chicken can stick their head through most chicken wire. if it's all they can reach almost anything will only take the head i would think.
Weasels can fit through 1/2" chicken wire.
The rooster that got eaten was outside the enclosed fence. I have a couple that have taken to flying over the fence (6 ft.) and then back over to roost at night. This attack happened during the daytime.
I recently lost 5 to an early daytime coyote attack. One found dead but no parts missing, one found dead with the head missing only, and 3 gone, only feathers found. A neighbor saw the coyotes, and I found a single coyote track near my back door.

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