What element could you bend?

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Element bending is something I've studied my whole life. In involves the manipulation of four elements; Air Earth Fire and Water.
You can bend what ever element based on your personality

AIR: air is the element of freedom. It is a free, flowing element and you must be a kind, gentle, caring and peaceful person. Air has only one sub-element....sand. Air benders also poses the power to destroy.
EARTH: earth is a stubborn element. it is a hard one to control and it can be useful. Earth is the second most powerful element, next to fire. You are a stubborn, persist and inconvinceable person. Earth has two sub elements...... Metal and Diamond. You can only control diamond if you have bended for 30 yrs.
FIRE: Fire destroys. But it also gives life. You are a hurtful, cruel person if you control this element.You can also be a healer.( make sure you put healer or cruel when u post a answer) Fire has two sub elements..... lightning and magma
WATER: water is the giver of life. But, like fire, it can take it away. You are persistent, cool minded, peaceful and placid. You could also be destructive. Water has two sub elements..... Plant and Blood.

I'm a Air bender. Me like tornadoes:p
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Uh, well I read this book called "Between Heaven and Earth" and I guess based on the little tests in the book I am Water. Peaceful and placid could definitely describe me. I am also Aquarius, so water seems to be my element.
Water benders can also heal using water. My moms element is water and she said water is a dangerous element. Air benders create hurricanes, tornadoes etc. Earth benders make earth quakes. Fire benders, storms and wild fires.
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