What else can we feed them?

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  1. 007Dawn

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    Apr 29, 2009
    We have baby chicks everywhere! OK a total of 14 all are very happy and one has a slipped tendon but she is happy!

    We give the feed as recommened and they can put it away! We also noticed that they love my dragons crickets and fight over them! Almost like a game. So we give them crickets and worms which they love.

    We also started giveing them lettuce grown in our garden. What else can they eat?

    Other veggies, fruit?, herbs?

    Thank you!

    PS: All chicks are between 4 weeks and 8 weeks and we keep them seperated by size. We don't know if that is necessary but we do.
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    Dec 12, 2007
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    I like to bring the chicks out onto the lawn grass. There's also clover out there (& a few dandelions [​IMG]). It's easy to put together a temporary pen with chicken wire. They will need to have someone there to watch them, 100% of the time, because of the predator that is all to likely to show up.

    At 8 weeks, they become quite a bit more adventuresome with their diets.

    The "Treats Chart" (with commentary) is linked at the top of this forum. It's a good source for ideas on additions to their diets [​IMG].

  3. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    treats should be in limited amts
    the protein level of the chicks diet is to provide protein to growing bodies
    the garden treats are what ever they can eat in 20-30 minutes
    as chickens tendency to stay with something is that amt.

    so after they tire of the treat then you need to clean up the mess the garden stuffs made
    so that there is NO danger of them getting spoiled feed or botulism

    with that said the grass grazing is good for them asnd as stated predators are where there is birds

    I would just give small amts of treats as it is really not for the health of the chicks
    treats are for the enjoyment of the one feeding them
    watching a game of tag between chicks etc
    make sure the chicken get the protein level they need
    the commercial crumbles or pellets are calibrated so the chicken gets its proteins and vit and minerals daily
  4. 007Dawn

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    Apr 29, 2009
    Very cool thank you each of you!

    We keep thier running pens well covered, though they are large areas due to living in the woods. We also use a stronger wire than chicken wire. We have coons, possums, dogs, cats and other creatures on the property.

    Living on 5 acres and buried beneth the trees.

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