What else do the chicks need?

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    I currently have 13 one week old chicks in the brooder. They are doing well. They currently have some limbs for roosting and I've been feeding them chick starter along with a scrambled egg here and there and some yogurt. What else do they need? I read somewhere about having a dust bath for them? How do I do this? Also, do they need grit of some kind? Any other tips and advice are welcome. Merry Christmas!!
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    You have all you need for now. The chicks won't start roosting until they are around 2 weeks or so. Chicks enjoy have mirrors and boxes to play with. Dirt baths are a great thing to add. What bedding type are you using? If you are using straw or shavings then you don't really need a dirt bath area because the chicks will just bathe in the bedding. Otherwise you can just fill a bowl with dirt and put it in the brooder. That's all you have to do. Their instincts will take over and they will start rolling and squirming around in there.

    Also, remember that chicks grow fast so they will need bigger living quarters as they grow. (Unless they already live in a huge brooder.)

    You may want to add apple cider vinegar to the water. This will boost the chicks' immunity, digestive and respiratory systems. It also will keep them healthy so they grow healthy and strong. Add one half of a teaspoon to a quart of water.

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your chicks!

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