What else do they need??


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Jan 2, 2012
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I am getting a breeding flock of Muscovy Ducks tomorrow! 7 Ducks and 2 Drakes! My awesome husband and son just built me the best duck house with attched run! I got their feeder and waterer today! They are coming with their turtle sandbox pool! They will eat the same layer pellet plus that my chickens eat I am told! What else do they need to be healthy and happy and make me lots of little Muscovy Ducks!?????
Sounds like you have all you need

Dont forget oyster shell for the hens when they start laying (i feed it to mine year round so if they start laying they have nice thick shells)

What colors are they?
Oh thank you! I should have known that about the oyster shells! My chickens get that everyday! Do the ducks need grit too or is that just a chicken thing?? I have no idea what color they are! Haven't even seen them yet! Don't much care as long as they are healthy! I found them on craigslist in my area! Guy is moving for business and had gotten himself a flock for spring before he knew he was gonna have to move! His bad fortune is my good I guess!
Not even sure what grit is, but I dont feed that to mine. When my rouen was laying she didnt even need oyster shell to lay nice thick shelled eggs. My welsh harlequins are around the same age and arent laying yet
im suppost to be setting eggs next month to
lets hope they ALL start!
Noob here, myself, but according to Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, by Holderread, yes, ducks do need grit. Free range or pastured ducks generally scrounge it on their own, but it never hurts to supplement them some. Ducklings and confined ducks need to have it supplemented.

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I gave my ducklings grit, but once they moved outdoors where they can pick up sand and gravel on their own I stopped adding it to their food.

Sounds like yours will be large enough, and living outdoors, they'll get enough on their own. And though it's not exactly a substitute, oyster shell helps a little.
Grit is finely ground stone that chickens (and apparently ducks I have now learned) need to eat and store in their crop to grind up food because they have no teeth!

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