What else should I be looking/treating for???


8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
NC Foothills

I posted about my hen on Monday morning, in the above link. Someone suggested I read some of the stuff by Nathalie Ross, which I have done just now.

This AM she came out with the other hens to eat, so I didn't get her crop checked until she'd eaten some, felt doughy still. She had the energy to run from me also. Her comb & wattles seem to have brightened up a little. (She was on the roost last night when I went down to put them up, I tried ACV then, and she got a little.)

I tried to give her more ACV, but she fought me, once I finally caught her. I think she might have gotten 1/4 of a tsp. I put some in the communal waterer- 3/4 tsp to maybe 2.5 qts of water. When she was struggling, I got a whiff of the nasty smell. She ate like normal inside & outside the coop with the other hens. When I brought the newly filled waterer in, they all came running for water, except for her. She was still moving around the coop slower than normal, looking around like she was inspecting the walls.

None of the other hens are acting or looking any different, but for good measure, I'm going to take them all some plain yogurt with the contents of a probiotics capsule mixed in, and some olive oil for Vit. E which it seems is good for their digestion in general.

So if she's perking up after treating the impaction, and the sour crop (which I will continue for a few days after she doesn't feel doughy any longer), do you think that's all it was or that there really might be something else more serious going on?

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