What filter media do you use for your duck pond?


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Jul 18, 2014
I have an approx 4000 gallon duck pond with 10 ducks. We finally got a pump that seems to be working great but now we are having problems with the filters.

Anyone with a pond this large, what do you use in your filter?
We have two large containers, approx 250gallons each. One is filled halfway with lava rocks(this is the first) and the other is filled closer to the top(this is the second).
The water is pumped from the pond into the first container, then flows into the second container, then goes through some piping, past a UV light and back to a small stream we made that goes back to the pond.

My problem is the first filter clogs and overflows and I'm having to drain them and clean them out every single week. I'm using a TON of water and electricity (electricity used to power our well) for this, it feels so wasteful. I'm looking for some filter media that doesn't clog as quickly. I'm also considering adding some plants into the second container to help provide more filtering.

I've read of using floor scrubbing pads, plastic, polyester batting (I have some of this but it gets gross so quick).

Any help is greatly appreciate, I'm going broke spending money on this pond all the time with stuff that doesn't work. It is turning into such a headache but the ducks love it and I have one pekin duck that I rescued that can't walk very well d/t missing a tendon in one of her legs, so the pond is great for her.

Here are some pictures of our set up...


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