What food should I feed my 2 hens and a roo at nearly 5 months old?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by alalele, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Mar 21, 2008
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    My local feed store told me to feed them the 'start and grow' until 20 weeks. I'm nearing 20 weeks now and am getting low on feed and need to replenish but not sure what to get now.

    I haven't yet provided grit, but there is sand in the dirt of the run and I've seen my roo eating small stones from the sand even though I've not been feeding the scratch yet. (not sure why I haven't given them scratch yet... kinda got the impression it was junk food? Plus worried it's too big! But should I start

    that normal for them to want to eat small stones when there feed is crumbles? The occasional treats I give them are fresh (untreated) grass clipping. grapes, tomatoes, plum, cottage cheese....

    I'm also considering 'organic' feed, but haven't seen any available (yet). I don't mind paying extra since I only have a few birds, but I do need convenience!

    How can I set up and feed them where they will all get what they need nutritionally? I recall that the hens need extra calcium and just wonder how to make it work since they all live together?
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    If you're feeding anything other than crumbles, they definitely need grit. The small pebbles in the yard are sufficient, but you could add commercial grit if you like. Scratch is junk food, but they love it! My kids feed it as a treat and we use it for wild bird food too.
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    my babies are about the same age as yours, i am still using chick starter mixed with laying pellets....watermellon for a treat and salad......i do not like to use corn because i have white silkies and do not want them to yellow......good luck:cd

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