What gender do you think my ameraucana is?


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
Hi there, so I purchased some pullets back in February and my ameraucana is now around 8 weeks and is showing signs that she may actually be a he and be a rooster, for one her crest is a lot wider than I thought it would be and she is constantly bullying the other chickens lately such as biting at their necks. My dad swore he had one of them crow when he was in my garage earlier and I don't think it would've been any of the other ones. Anyway, help would be appreciated since I do live in city limits and roosters are not allowed.

The store I bought them from had them labeled as ameracuanas, but they must have gotten it wrong. The photos posted are the same exact chicken.
Are they feed store chicks? If theya re from a feed store they most likely bought the birds from a hatchery and they are Easter Eggers. Hatcheries almost always call their EE's Ameraucanas or Araucanas. It's a misleading sales technique they use and I wish they would stop misleading the public. : (
Handsome EE cockerel.

I'm seeing a fair amount of these blue guys this year...makes me wish I was in the market for some EE roos.....they're so pretty!
Thanks everyone, he is definitely a cockeral, he crows all the time now! I really appreciate the input, I'll be having to find him a new home now. My 3 year old isn't too happy about having to get rid of him, since he is her favorite, she named him "Little Daddy", he's so sweet!

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