What gender is this?


7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
I have 6 chickens they hatched on the first weekend of august. So they are 11 weeks old. The person we got them from said some of them were a red sex linked crossed with a RIR. Others are some sort of grey cross. One crowed this morning and is definitely a rooster. Two others are hens. The other three I am unsure on.
The first one is Himowori

and its comb

The second one is Velvet

its comb

The third one is Ginger

sorry didn't get a comb picture of Ginger
2 is a girl; 1 and 3 are definitely roosters. The red on the wings of the light one and the darker red on the wings of the other are dead giveaways. That pullet is gorgeous! I wonder what kind of a cross she is?

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