What gender?


Feb 26, 2015
This is a 23 day old 1/2 BCM X Cuckoo Marans hen, chick. Safe to assume this is a cockeral, or still too early?
Also, one more question. If the rooster had been barred, and the hen non barred, would the offspring still be sex linked?
Nope, the barring is sex linked. The female only gives it to her sons. The male gives it to all his offspring. So a barred or cuckoo hen under a non white, non barred rooster will give barred male offspring and non barred female offspring.

This is my 14 week old Isbar Roo. What I'd like to know is, at how many weeks does he get that beautiful Rooster look? With the beautiful feathers and bigger waddles? I hear they tend to develope a bit more quicker than hens, but I feel like it's taking forever!

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