What happened? Is she sick?


10 Years
Jul 23, 2009
Turner, Maine
I have a 1 yr old Serama hen (approx 14 months). She's my only hen. She's been in her lil house with her rooster since they were hatched. She was always a good layer, approx 5 eggs a week. She went broody once, but didn't turn her eggs...no chicks.
She (rusty) started molting in June, which is when her eggs stopped coming. I expected this. So, along with the layer mash, they would get lots of garden goodies, grapes, sunflower meaties, egg yolks and occasionally some bread. She still hasn't started back laying.....
Yesterday night, I went to check on food and water and heard a different type of crowing??? When I looked in her coop, she was up on her perch with her buddy, puffing out her chest and CROWING!

Did she miss out on something?? I've heard of OLD hens who will do this once their ovaries shut down....BUT, Rusty is just over a year old? Her first molt? Is this it for her? so soon??

Anyone have any idea if there's anything that can help her, or if this is the end of her egg laying for good?
I'm baffled!
One of my hens made a lot of crowing weird noises before she started laying. I would not panic yet. Just wait and see what happens.

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