What happened to me yesterday - and what I did today.......


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May 13, 2009
Central MO
I am a firm believer in "paying it forward", and if someone gets the jump on you and does you a favor first you do your best to bless them back in return. Well yesterday after making a road trip to our old bank- which we are phasing out - on my way back home I broke down on hwy 54. My husband is an OTR truck driver, so he couldn't come and rescue me. We live over an hour away from most of our family/friends. But, that didn't stop some of my husband's buddies from coming and picking me up, and today right beside the road they put the new belt and pully delete assembly on my Blazer so I wouldn't be without a car. They came back to the house, and had a beer. But, I had found out between yesterday and this morning that one of them was really missing having a small flock of layers, hatching out chicks/ducks, and having extra meat on the wing. So, I caught and loaded up some of my best girls for him, plus one partridge cochin rooster. He admired my batch of new babies some hatched and some bought in my brooder - I gave him about a dozen of those - 4 of them silkies. He admired my coop and some of my juvenile chicks that I hatched this winter - I have him 8 of those. I also gave them 4 dozen refrigerated eggs and 2 dozen hatching eggs since he still had his incubator. All together I gave him about 30 birds and 6 dozen eggs - he will not have to miss having chickens anymore! I did not give him old gals that were no longer laying either. I gave him last summers young pullets - not even a year old for a few months yet, but laying steady and laying well. And, ya know what - rather than lamenting about all the birds I gave away - I felt GREAT about it! I sure appreciated his and his son's help, and was happy to see my girls go to a good home where they would be appreciated and cared for by someone who knows chickens and enjoys having them around. That makes this one of the best chicken related experiences yet - I may enjoy it nearly as much as HATCHING!!!!!


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Jul 5, 2009
Middle Tennessee
As an ex-Navy wife who endured many problems without DH by her side, I'm glad to hear that your DH had pals who would help you out, and you chose a wonderful way to "pay it forward". Good job!!!

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