What happened to my orange yolks? They're yellow!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Dutchess, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Dutchess

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    I have a new flock at POL and 3 of 5 are laying. My old flock layed beautiful orange yolk eggs and my new flock is laying yellow yolk eggs. Could it be that they are not getting enough greens? They free-range very little because I lost my last precious chickens to foxes. I'm really worried about losing them so I don't let them out unless I can be there to protect them. I also changed the layer feed brand with the new flock. Do you think it's because of the greens (or free range time - 1-2 hours) or the new layer feed (Purina). [​IMG]
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    I'd think its the greens and free range time. I've had the same experience, also due to a fox.
  3. Dutchess

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    Thanks Ridgerunner, there is definately a difference in the color and taste! I thought it was the greens, too, I think I read it here somewhere, but I had changed feed brands (a different store) and wasn't sure. Sorry to hear you have a fox problem too, they are so quick and nasty little buggers.
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    Same thing here, but it is people dropping off dogs. What I have done to counteract the loss of greens in their diet is I bought a bag of Alfalfa cubes. I rehydrate them the night before and dump em in their scratching area with their scratch, they love it. You can get a 50 pound bag for $10 in the horse feed area of your farm supply or feed store. I have 39 chickens and it will last a month or more, and it brought back up their color and flavor.
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    Quote:Wow, Crippledturkey, that's a GREAT idea! Duh, I never thought about alfalfa! All I could think about was where I was going to get greens this winter that didn't break the bank? I'll be checking that out tonight!
    BTW - DOGS!!! I had (not anymore) a woman down the road that was going to Tennessee and near by states, to rescue dogs. Those rescue dogs are abandoned for a reason, usually. Well, I came home one day and found two of those dogs with ribs and hip bones showing in my old run. I had five chickens in there and all that was left was a wing and two feet. All other parts of the chicken had been eaten, feathers and all! No mess, just two feet and a wing. I was heartbroken because I knew that the run needed to be updated (I blame myself) but I didn't think neighborhood dogs would dig/chew their way in! The rest is an even longer story I won't get into here. It all comes down to being a responsible pet owner.

    Thanks again for the GREAT suggestion!

  6. Davian

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    Fresh greens = oranger yolks
  7. Pele

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    Feb 25, 2011
    Thanks CrippledTurkey, that IS a really good idea!

    I'm going over to the feedstore ASAP to pick some up [​IMG]
  8. Crippledturkey

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    Aug 26, 2011
    Poplar Bluff, Mo
    No problem, it started with rabbit pellets lol, then thought of just plain alfalfa as i did not know if the extras in rabbit food would hurt 'em. It did take them a couple hours to figure out it was good to eat, and now they love it. It also has a lot of protein in it compared to lawn grass or weeds that they eat free range.
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    I give a flake of alfalfa once a week. I also have some mustard greens growing in a spot in my garden just for the chickens, they get a handful every couple of days, along with some kale. Sometimes a few handfuls of Bermuda or weeds that I pull out of the yard, now that they are penned up.
    I just planted my rye grass for winter. I'll give them the clippings when it's time to mow. It's a tiny yard so won't be much. They also get all veggie trimmings and leftovers.
    I'm only getting a couple of banty eggs right now but they have really orange yolks. I have some other hens looking at the nest boxes, getting close.
    Some other things my hens love to eat are nastaturiums, chives, mint, lettuce, basil, parsley and other leafy herbs/greens. All easy to grow in little bits of dirt. I also sometimes will buy wheat at the feed store and sprout it in a cracked bucket.
  10. papinator

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    Oct 4, 2011
    Des Moines
    My hens have made stems of my hostas.... [​IMG] Nice orangey yolks!

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