What Happened?


Nov 29, 2020
A few months ago I tried incubating 40 eggs and none hatched! They was there over 60 days and around 40 to 50 days they developed a bit but I don't know. I know incubation should only last 3 weeks but I still waited
That stinks.
At about 40-50 days, you likely saw bacteria forming.
Did you make sure:
That the temperature and humidity was correct and the thermometer and hygrometer were calibrated? I'm guessing this is the issue if none developed OR
were the eggs fertile?
How often did you candle?
How old were the eggs?
Duck eggs should take 28 ish days (4 weeks) to hatch, if there's no development by 7 days, just pitch them.
At least half were fertile and candle everyday or every other day Temp and Humidity Good
What kind of eggs were you incubating? I don't think any eggs take 60 days though. Disastrous results like that is usually always caused by the wrong temperature. Sorry you lost all your eggs though.
at day 60 place them in a safe place in the sun so that photosynthesis can begin .. after 3 days put them back in the incubator on the max setting to speed up the process .. if you are trying to get a whole flock of roosters first shake the eggs vigorously and freeze them first 'then' place in the incubator ..
I’m just amazed you didn’t have any stink bombs in there when you handled them! 😳
Even if these were emu eggs or something, which have a much longer incubation time, no development by day 40 is definitely a bad sign...

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