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~*Dances with chickens*~
10 Years
Mar 18, 2009
Northern Illinois
A year ago I got this idea--- "gee, wouldn't it be fun to raise some chickens". So I read everything I could find about chickens and I started planning and set up a coop. Then came March and I ordered 25 chicks from McMurray--- I couldn't decide on a particular breed, I didn't have a clue--- I just wanted some nice looking chickens that laid brown eggs--- So I got their brown layer selection. A couple weeks later I got this call from the PO to pick up a box that was making a lot of noise--- I got it home and opened it and there were 26 of the cutest multi colored fuzz balls I had ever seen--- it was love at first sight
. As the weeks went on it was a thrill each day to see how they changed and to come to know each ones personalities. Then one day the gray one crowed (freebie) A beautiful Blue Andalusian--- nice surprise--- then a couple of weeks later my Columbian wyandotte pullet crowed
--- another surprise --- but a good one.

Since then I have hatched several of my own eggs and the end of August ordered 16 more chicks and set up another coop and yard. This time I knew what I wanted--- RIR's, BO's, Australorps, GLW's and EE's--- and already my thoughts have turned to spring--- a few more EE's--- or maybe some Favorelles----- WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!
Not a darn thing as far as I can see!
You've simply been bitten by the chicken bug! There is no cure. Only treatment, consisting of hours spent with your birds during the day and hours spent at night in front of the computer screen, reading and posting to BYC!
I'll tell you what's wrong with you.... do you have any of those dark brown egg layers... those eggs look neat? You need some of those and then you may as well try ducks and maybe some turkeys and then maybe you'll want a goat....
OMG! Whatever this affliction is, I have a bad case...started with a few hens, more hens, a few ducks, a few geese...more ducks and I have a terrible itch behind my left eye that makes me want to see and acquire some turkeys...sigh...

I believe there is a strong eppidemic sweeping the US because I contracted this "Chicken Flu" about a year ago. Symtoms became worse when DH and I bought a house and he build an amazing coop!
now there is this crazy obcession in getting every color egg possible!
I think I"m coming down with the same symptoms , it started on Sunday. Went to a swap an came home with three Buff Orp X and 2 Bantam Cochin, now i phoned today and reserved 5 brown sexlink asa somethings, and next Sunday driving an hour to another swap, who knows what I'm gonna come home with then.

How do you keep control of yourself?? I am not sure I can stop at just chickens, as I know ducks, goats and horses are also on my list, egads.

Chickens Anonymous................ Hello, My name is "Emjay" and I have a problem with feathers"...........

who wants to go next?

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