What happened? :(


6 Years
Aug 1, 2013
I had 8 lohman chicken eggs in a brinsea mini eco manual. Only one chick made it to lockdown & then died because it began to zip & then turned around in the egg & inhaled fluid which was heartbreaking because I didn't help it when it stopped cheeping because I didn't want to interfere incase it was fine. By the time I realized, it had stopped moving & when I opened the egg I found it was perfectly ready to come out & would have been fine if I'd just pulled its head out from where it had wedged itself.

When I opened the other eggs I found they didn't seem to have even developed. The yolk was mixed in with the whites it seemed & rotting. The eggs were posted, but I let them set when they arrived. All I can think of is maybe bacteria had spread in the incubator from 2 of the eggs which had arrived a week earlier than the others & were survivors from a smashing in the post. Both eggs had smashed egg on them when they arrived, but I incubated them anyway in the hope that the protein layering would protect them from contamination.

Either that or it was poor fertility :/ Any ideas?

I really don't want a repeat of that hatch if it can be avoided...
Well shipping is really hard on eggs. If the air cell gets dislodged, the egg usually doesn't develope. So they could be fertile but not develope because of hard shipping. You really need to candle at about day 7 of incubation to toss out the bad ones so they don't contaminate the others with bacteria.
I've incubated lots of shipped eggs, and it can depend on how the shipper packages the eggs to help them arrive safely. I am a repeat customer of the really good shippers as my hatch rate was good. :) I've done eBay eggs, and I look at the sellers ratings to decide.
Don't give up! It can be frustrating I know, but once you get a good hatch and learn more about incubation, you'll get addicted! :) or at least I did.
I know , I just couldn't see to candle them :( they were dark. I’m having better luck now :) ordered more bundles of joy and currently have 6/6 successfully at day 21 with one pop so far!
posted eggs too, they are Easter eggers and other mixtures. So pleased, going to stay up to monitor them...
Can't wait!

Happy happy happy!

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