What happens if I remove chicks from mother at almost 4 weeks?


Mar 1, 2018
Will the chicks adjust? They were born 11/9. Since I have all types of big dangers in the area for small chicks I placed them, with the mother, in a big 4x 8 cage. Until now I didn’t have to worry about cold weather or drafts. (I live in the central part of Florida.) So the cage it’s pretty open. I do have a heat lamp at one end in case it gets chilly. Tonight the temperature is going down and it’s pretty drafty outside. So I put up some plastic sheets to protect them a bit more. Still I worry. These are my next generation of layers and can’t afford to loose them. The mother is an excellent mom and takes good care of them. If I decide to bring them in, we’re they will be better protected until it’s time to let them out, will they accept me? Thank you.


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Nov 18, 2007
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I live near Ocala. It will be chilly for the next couple of morning the forecast is for the temperature here to be in the upper 30's/lower 40's for the next couple of mornings. For now the chicks will be ok with mom. This will give you a little more time to plan for their grow-out. I do have coops I use for grow-out. I have supplemental heat if needed. If you do move the chicks, they will adjust. I go through this every year. I do have a brooder for my chicks and when they are around a month old they go into a grow-out coop. I don't let them out of the coop for awhile so they can get used to it as a safe place and when I finally open their pop door they are hesitant at first about going out of the coop but eventually their curiosity gets the best of them and they start to go out usually just outside the door so they can dash back into their safe place. They eventually go further out and further out and explore their pen. Now when I open their pop doors in the morning they rush out. They do go into the coop at night on their own and I go out and shut the pop doors and go out in the morning and open them up. Good luck and have fun...


Jan 12, 2019
I am 100% confident that in central Florida it's not going to get too cold for them. Your broody hen is their heat lamp and draft protection. To answer your question, they would be fine being moved to a brooder. At that age, they will usually call for the broody for a bit while they adjust but they would be ok. A heat plate does help with that transition more than a heat lamp because it's more like nestling under a broody hen. I love my broody hen's though and 3-4 weeks is when I personally set up an outdoor brooder even when I don't have a broody because the dust they create increases A LOT around that age because they're so active.
They're absolutely adorable by the way! :love


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Nov 26, 2017
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Mama will stop taking care of them when she is ready.
she will keep them warm and teach them how to find food.
If you separate them from her too soon she may become frantic to find them.
Most of my broodys stopped mothering when the chicks were 4-6 weeks old.


May 31, 2018
East, Tawas Michigan
My mama hen kicked her babies out of her care at 6 weeks of age, & the babies imprinted on me as their new mommy which was interesting. I cared for them til they got bigger, & stronger to survive living with the adult flock. They're now 15 weeks old, & still love me.

Yeah, mama hen will care for her chicks til she thinks they're ready to survive on their own.

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