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    You cross a Silver Laced Wyandotte with a Golden Laced Wyandotte...?


    You cross a Silver Laced Wyandotte with a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte...?

    anyone have any pics of these crosses?

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    I know that somebody on here has a flock of silver laced Wyandotte in with golden laced Wyandotte's, and the silver laced Wyandotte's, I do believe will produce both silver lace Wyandotte and golden laced Wyandotte. I'm sure you are picturing a funky mismatched silver and gold bird, but I don't believe that's what happens. Kind of the same concept with the blue laced. However, if you want an interesting mix, you should see what I got when I combined silver laced Wyandotte and silver Cuckoo Marans! I expected to get a bird that would be barred, because the cuckoo pattern is more dominant, however, what I got was a bird that is solid black underneath, and has tons of white feathers on top. Hard to explain, lost my camera cord so I can't charge my camera and take a picture to show you what they look like now, but they are beautiful. The pink legs and comb of the Marans are dominant. I also crossed the Silver cuckoo Marans over Amber sex links and I got white chicks, and over black Australorp and I got black chicks. I also crossed it over two Ameracauna/Welsummer mixed hens and I got a chick that hatched out brown, with a pea comb, but the bird is feathering in black with white barring. I got a second chick from this mix that is cream, light brown, and a medium brown in color. It's a little pullet, and she is quite lovely. She has a pattern that I cannot quite describe, she has no cuckoo pattern at all. I only have the one rooster in there, so he's the father to all these mixed chicks. Quite amazing considering when I looked at the genetics calculator, I should have only gotten barred chicks. I suppose that because my rooster is a silver cuckoo and not a straight cuckoo, it leaves more room for the genetics to play around. I tell you though, I get some of the sweetest chicks in the world. My pure Marans chicks are mouthy and not quite as friendly, but these mixed chicks are very sweet. All I can say is try it and see what you get. I crossed mine in order to get better layers for the next generation. The downside is, I ended up hatching out eight chicks, of which five were roosters. I guess there's a silver lining because those roosters will also make good eating. But I don't know how to process, and I don't want to! I'll just have to find somebody else they can do it for me!

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