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  1. My first lil black bantam w/feathers on its shank and four toes was hatched in my hand at 10am Monday. Its in a clean box w/a clean towel & a heat lamp, we are both (the chick & I) awaiting more pipping and zipping so how long do I wait? No sign yet, thought there was a sign earlier today but was mistaken.

    I messed up by increasing the humidity for the remaining eggs to easily hatch and nearly drowned my new and first ever hatchling! It seems weak so another question is how long do they seem weak and wobbly?

    When do I offer dipping their beak into water? Do I use sugar water as if they'd come in the mail?

    Do I wait until day three to dip beaks for water and feed? How soon would I begin chipping at that egg shell? (There are 9 left) Would I only chip the shell and near the air bubble?

    I cannot hear any peeping as the incubator has the heat wired w/a fan. I did turn it off for a very short time tonight to see if I heard anything but didn't hear a thing. I can feel there are "bodies" in those eggs, just like my new hatchling felt, they all feel like there's someone in there waiting to come on out...
    Please enlighten me, veterinary assistant classes never covered any of this!
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    Pull the baby out and put it under a light that keeps the brooder at about 95. Scatter some feed on the paper towel floor just like you would with shipped chicks. Dip the beak. I just had my first hatch and I only got two out of 20. I waited until day 22 and candled the eggs. I carefully opened them because there was no sign of life. Many of mine stopped developing at about day 10, but 4 more didn't make it out of the shell. My best guess was low humidity (I didn't have a hydrometer for that hatch - I do now). Good luck:fl. I didn't give up and have 3 bators running now with turkeys and chickens.

    Hope this helps.

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