What happens to the left over chicks?


May 21, 2017
Massillon, OH
My friend (who also lives on the same homestead that we do) works at TSC so I have only a tiny bit of insight here and there. Mostly this is because we’re nosey about the chicks more than anything.

I do know that TSC now has extended chick days, at least what is required by the regional management in this area. We’re not sure of it’s to compete with Rural King’s constant supply of chicks or if TSC cooperate is thinking of more money. Because of the amount of chicks now constantly being introduced, I swear they’re always on sale.

Also, I don’t understand the sueing comment at all. A manager had the right to refuse sell if it doesn’t comply with rules and regulations (at least around here). I also don’t know about seven years ago but the rule about selling no fewer than 6 chicks per purchase is to insure safety of the chicks and to keep unscrupulous people from harming them. The worst part of that? Chicks have to be protected from unscrupulous people.

Anyway, that’s my two peeps about it. 😊

PS: As per original question of the thread from nearly a decade ago—any left over chicks where my friend works are purchased by an individual who puts them to sleep to feed rehabilitated raptors.
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Mar 9, 2014
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Our store has a 6 chick requirement too. Mostly they enforce it if the person obviously knows nothing. It discourages impulse "cause they are tiny and cute" buying.
Mine discounts to $1 on chicks.....but if they think you are really interested they go to 50 cents. Ducks get marked down to $2.

We didn't have a TSC 7 years ago......

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