What Happens when you un-friend someone from facebook?

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Sometimes you unfriend someone from facebook.. and some folks take it good, some take it bad. I guess there is no graceful way of stopping somebodies live feed from facebook. Only way to stop all the messages and alerts on their posts is to unfriend/block ..

But I suppose doing this temporarily is much better than letting them know online and in public how ticked off you were at their post....

So you log back on to facebook after a lovely day to once again see who poked who, what the latest gossip on lindsey lohan is, and instead you get vile hate mail from said persons friends. Since I blocked and removed I have no clue what was said but at this point.. Thinking I am done.

Which leads me to my q..?

Grown ups get mad. They argue. They disagree.. But now you sick your friends on me, I don't know if I even want to associate, let alone ever speak to the person again instead of cool down.

Try to save friendship or walk away?
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Personally, I would not unfriend someone because of a post on Facebook. My friends are all opinionated and outspoken, with diverse points of view. I am mature enough to handle that, so I wouldn't unfriend someone for saying things I don't like.
But that's just me.
If that happened to me I would just put all their crazy childish messages on my facebook for everyone to read publicly. Maybe they'll think twice for acting like a child.
actually, you CAN block someone's posts without un-friending them.

hover your cursor over the top left corner of one of their posts. a little "X" will appear, simply click that and choose the "hide all" option. You can still go to their page and read their posts on their wall, they just won't show up on yours.
actually I am not interested in embarassing anyone as I always counted this person as a friend, and once counted the hate monger as the same. Now..
Perhaps I am the jerk to use a less colorful word that they say I am. But on some issues I am inflexible and make no excuses for how I am.
they had their irish up as well and were sending messages.. Tried that.
Been there done it. Mature, isn't it? I just block 'em all(you can block people from your email, too).
Don't really understand it myself why people can't get the message that I unfriended and blocked you for your behavior and now your friends attacking me? Yeah, that helps diffuse the situation, doesn't it?
Friends again...NOT!
Sorry this is happening to you-people just need to take a hint sometimes...
I guess what I don't understand is if you consider someone a friend, you can't accept their point of view when it differs from yours. Just accept people the way they are, even when you don't agree with them. Not everyone is always going to see things your way. There is no point in getting angry at people for having an opinion.
ah, that is another issue entirely. sometimes people just act childish
I have done this stated above with a person who was posting hundreds of identical posts during the election, just because I got tired of having three pages of the same exact post, but now can't figure how to undo it.

Boyd, if I unfriended them, I'd just ignore anything they said. Sounds like they are being childish and resentful.
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