What hatchery do you recommend for runners?


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Aug 11, 2011
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I'm tracking down a decent source for runner ducks-- A lot of hatcheries breed "runner-esque" ducks without the correct wine bottle look, and bad layers to boot-- so much so that I am afraid to mail order them. Local breeder is not an option, I already checked. I'll have to get them from someone who ships day old ducklings.

I don't need show quality, just pet quality hens that "pay the rent" in eggs every couple of days regularly (200 eggs yearly or more would be good), and runners that actually have that runner stance. Not just a small skinny duck being called a runner.
Color variety is not a deal breaker.

If you've gotten good runners, please post where?

If you've gotten poor runners, please post where?
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I am not sure you would want ducks like my runners because they are not all tall girls . . . I'll see if I can dig up a group photo.

That written, I am more than happy with my runners. They started laying at 16 to 22 weeks, and continued for 14 to 16 months. They took a month or two off, and picked up again for a year or so, rested, and started up again, slowing down about a week ago after 10 months. Not bad, for pet quality ducks.

I have lost one to egg yolk peritonitis, one to unknown internal causes (perhaps hardware disease or peritonitis - no necropsy was done). We have had a total of less than ten cases of bumblefoot in three years. These are healthy ducks.

They seem to thrive above 35F. Yes, I am a hovering duck momma. But I have no point to prove about how cold they can be kept and still alive, and I have space in the walkout basement that stays at 40F or above. They lay more when they are kept warmer. I am not talking about all ducks on earth, but my ducks.

I ordered my ducks through Meyer Hatchery. They have been very good to deal with.

Chillaxin' in the hallway during brooder cleanup. Approximate age 10 weeks.

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