What Hatchery Has Best Bourbons?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by RaspyRoosterFarms, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Apr 9, 2011
    This is my first Thread Starter, So a long story short a few days before thanksgiving a couple dogs broke into my turkey runs,not through fence or hole, through the wood door, broke through the latch. I've got one hen left, maybe two if the second keeps healing, but I lost my toms and all the rest of my hens. All my turkeys came from a guy about 15 minutes down the road from me, he and his family have had the same turkey lines for some time, beautiful birds that are show quality and are great layers. Nicest looking bourbons I think I have ever seen. I was going to get more from them but they stopped raising turkeys the end of this summer. Their stock all went into the freezer so I not going to be able to get any more of those.

    Anyway, I am needing to get some more and wanted to know what hatchery I should order from, I get all my chickens from McMurray, but have never gotten turkeys from them, I know hatchery birds won't be the same as the ones I had,but I'd like to order some for my Mother for Christmas, since they are her favorite birds on the farm.

    Thanks, if you have pics for examples that would be appreciated too.

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    If you are going to order from a hatchery, order from Porter's. But he won't be shipping again until next spring. You might as well get on the waiting list for the neighbor, who sells birds that you know you like.

    I think that Dwayne Urch sells some turkeys, but I don't know what breed. You can look up Urch Turnland hatchery, I know that a copy of his "catalog" is here on BYC in a couple of places. I'm pretty sure it is in one of the notes in the turkey section. Try using the search feature.
  3. I have used Cackle Hatchery 3 times now the last time was my Reg Bourbon Turkeys and they all 17 lived 2 extra were sent for the 15 orderd.
    Here are some Pictures.
    This is my first year so no eggs yet by spring I am hoping for a good mess of fertile eggs and Poults.
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    Good looking flock there, Frank. Glad to hear Cackle has some good turkeys, that's where I was planning on getting mine this spring. Seeing as how the hatchery is just about 50 miles from me, I will just drive down there and pick them up. That way I won't have to buy 15 poults, they will let you take as many or few as you want when you pick them up. I'd like to get a trio of the BRs, and 3 or 4 BBWs for butchering. Guess I'd better be placing my order pretty soon, they tend to go quickly from what I've seen on their site.
  5. Thats right I ordered my turkeys more than a month in advance and got them April 3rd.
    I plan on ordering some chicks this spring I am changing out the breed of Chickens that I have from Sex-links and Austrolorps to Buff Orphingtons and Dominique more combo birds eggs and meat birds.
    My Daughter wants some Polish Chickens as well I guess because there so Funny looking LOL.
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    Mar 14, 2011
    This is the BR Tom I kept from McMurray. No the dog isn't after him, he is after the dog. Lol. Fortunately the dog is a big baby and very fast. Runs away quickly.

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    Apr 9, 2011
    Thanks for all the replies and suggestions.
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    NICE! :thumbsup

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