What have I done?! lol


11 Years
Feb 20, 2008
Norwich, Norfolk, UK
I made the mistake of actually counting the eggs in the incubator!

Grand totals for the moment:
Chicken eggs - 92
Duck eggs - 28

Not to mention the 4 ducklings, and 18 chicks in brooders inside at the moment.

Oh, and TSC is getting their chicks and ducklings in tomorrow, so you know I just *have* to buy a few extras.

When I posted an ad on Craigslist the last time I had chicks, I sold out in under 10 minutes and had people wanting more! Hopefully I'll have good hatches and sell out again so I can start over, lol. Around Easter, I will put a minimum number on chicks and ducklings, as well as my rabbits to keep people from buying a "cute" pet and then throwing it away as soon as it's no longer cute.

Thanks for understanding!

Emily in NC

PS - I still have room in one incubator for 12 more eggs, plus one empty one!

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