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Hi all. This is my first year with turkeys. I'm wondering if you guys would be willing to give me your opinions on these birds? I'm looking for your opinions on quality as well as sex. The blues hatched out in March. And the Bourbons in April.

I was hoping for at least one female in the Bourbons (so I can keep a breeding pair), but I'm not sure if I got that. I have a female palm, and all of these Bourbons are a lot redder in the waddle than she is. But maybe that's a breed thing? I can sex the child on my own, lol. I'm pretty sure he's a boy! Can anyone help with the turkeys tho?

Ohh, they are gorgeous!

Hmm.. its hard to say. In the first picture I think one in the back that has his/her head tilt kind of looks like a hen (short snood).

In the second picture the little blue one in front and the red one next to the bucket look like hens.

The way I usually tell is if their snood is shaped like a pyramid. The boys will still have a tiny dangley snood that moves a lot with their moods... even when they're young. And the hens have a different vocabulary. I think size is something to note (hens are smaller) but I don't think its a sure-fire way to tell. I heard you can tell by their feathers or something, but I have no idea how! Lol!

This is my second year with turkeys, I bred and raised some earlier this year... but I hope someone with more experience replies (I'm in the same boat with a few of my birds, but only time will really tell ugghhh). Good luck!
Does this help? These are the ones I want to breed so they're the ones I'm most concerned about sexing. They came from a very reputable show-quality breeder, but I can't tell SQ from PQ, lol!

well like I said im new with turkeys also and the new pics have me changing my mind maybe one hen. On mine it seemed the snood was getting bigger on the toms was the first thing i noticed , and the dewlap was also a little bigger, il try to get some good pics of mine this evening, also the hens seemed to be a little smaller body wise right before i started seeing other signs,
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