What have you done for your chicklets today?


8 Years
Jul 2, 2011
Treats, playthings, new house, extra bedding?
What have you done for your chickens today?
Made one of those buckets with nipples for their water. Its great for keeping it clean and I can keep it inside the coop so it does not freeze. But, they are not thrilled with it because they prefer large gulps of water, so I am still using the old style too. Over all I think its gonna be great. Switched to chicken starter for the winter, and its working great they are pretty plump keeping them warmer, they eat about 3 times as much of that stuff as they do the laying pellets. More cost but they deserve it.
I wished them a happy new year and have my hen, Cora, a squeeze. She likes to be held for some reason...she didn't grow up with that...no idea. Oh and I have them a heap of cracked corn....our roo looks a little skinny.
Made them breakfast! Warm oatmeal with apple bits. They LOVE it. I am waiting for it to warm up a bit and then I am off to clean the coop and give them fresh shavings.
Planning on making mine breakfast tomorrow too... they love oatmeal, with oats and layers pellets, seeds and apples mixed in. We're making them a new run, and they had extra free-range time today
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I fixed them a chicken tostada:

Whole wheat tortilla, big scoop of heavily red-peppered cottage cheese, topped with lettuce, julienned carrot and cabbage.
DH and I decided to get healthier this year. We got a juicer this Christmas and began juicing. I don't know who is enjoying it more... DH and I or the chickens!!!

What we get~~~


What they get~~~


Everyday it's a different mix of fruit and veggies

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