What % hi protein do you feed broilers 20%? 23%? when do you change?

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12 Years
Feb 19, 2009
Hi... getting my first batch of broilers (cornish x)

(smaller variety cornish roasters frm McMurrays not supossed to grow to fast...)

What do you suggest that I feed them? medicated starter for 2 weeks and then switch to 23% or 20% hi protein? Because I do not want to "push" them... I will be ok with processing at a slower growth of 12/14 weeks for a 7/8 pounder instead of problems of pushing to get a 10 pounder in 8 weeks.. I am not a business and do not have to rush.....

All advice and your experience appreciated!
I have never used medicated feed.

What I do is feed them chick starter when they are in the brooder and then after a few weeks (when they kinda feather out) I switch them to what my store calls Meat Maker. It's for broilers, turkeys, etc. Basically hi-pro gamebird feed.

I feed them 12 hours and then take the food away for 12. (give or take a hour depending on my schedule.
I just finished a batch and I fed them 24% for five weeks, thats four in the brooder and then one out on pasture. After that I switched them to 20% for another three weeks. I had good luck, no leg problems, breast blisters, fluid in the body cavity etc that they are known for. They were also very active and acting like chickens not just a digestive system with feathers. Hope this helps.
I feed mine 22% non-medicated broiler feed from day one until processing day. The high protein feed isn't to push the birds to grow faster- their genetics do that. It's to help their bodies keep up with the fast growth rate. They need the high protein feed.

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