What I had been feeding my ducks during this quarantine

Dec 6, 2019
Poultry stores never reopened on my area and I can't do online shopping because the quarantine guards are not letting delivery guys go to my town.

In an animal clinic, I found this and this is for cows and goats but it has niacin which is good for my ducks.


Farmer neighbors of mine just harvested rice and I purchased all of their rice bran. Its a powder by product used to turn brown rice into white rice. I mixed it with the vitamins.


I also grind some banana trees as feed for the ducks. I found out that in cambodia, They use grinded banana trees as feed for the ducks.

To provide them protein I had been buying some cat food instead because commercial duck feeds are gone. I just built a large nursery that can fit a mother and hundreds of ducklings inside. Mom will keep them warm but they are protected from predators. I will set them free from this cage once they turn white.
I agree you shouldn't use that product. doxycycline and tiamulin are antibiotics. rice bran contain niacin. you can feed them rice + rice bran and any greens you have available. I gues cat feed will help too.
if you have oatmeal with no sugar or cereal again without to much sugar brand flakes are good dandilians from the yard and as a special treat want to dig up some earthworms. extra eggs boil them and give them some yolk for protein. Ask the farmer if he has some spare grass hay soak it overnight and they will usually think that is a treat.
I know your probably sleeping right now in the Philippines fish is also good for ducks. Think about what wild ducks eat. they graze swim and dig for food. There incredible opportunist and adapt to there environment.
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