What I have learned this time


11 Years
Feb 20, 2008
The eggs do not hatch out in order of pipping. The first chick hatched out was the first to pip. the second one was the 8th to pip.
This time the lighter eggs pipped first. only had one dark one pip with them and that was number 8.
They stay a long time sometime between pip and hatch.
It is best just to relax while piping and hatching is happening. LOL Hard I know, I used to stay up all night to see that nothing went wrong.
This is what I woke up to this morning.
I did remove the chicks and egg shells. Some shells were blocking the piping eggs. One was still hatching.
These are eggs I bought for $ 3.00 a doz from fairly close to me. About an hour away. She was advertising on Craigs list for eating eggs. I told her I was wanting to hatch and she said she didn't refrigerate. I got there in the afternoon when they were collecting eggs and got to chose the ones I wanted. They had a collection of great birds but all running together. So I don't know what I am getting. That is fun too.I got 3 doz from her and put in a row of mine. I didn't have much hope for mine but I see a couple are pipping. my hens are old.
I am a happy camper!

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