What I learned the second time around;

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    1. you CAN read too much information and stress yourself out
    2. if you feel in your gut that everything is okay and you've done everything correct during incubation then just RELAX! FOR THE LOVE!
    3. Since the humidity level in the hatching room matches or exceeds the humidity in the incubator and the outside heat is within 10 degrees of inside the incubator, it's PERFECTLY okay to take chicks out when they are causing problems for the other eggs and I don't need to agonize for days about such a decision.
    4. I'm not so bad of a chicken momma.
    5. chicks are UGLY when they first come out, and showing the YouTube hatching video to certain people will turn them into vegans.
    6. having your kids experience chicks hatching is a fantastic experience and lets them see how miraculous life is, thus building them into better people.
    7. the people on this forum rock the house big time because while everyone else thinks i'm crazy because I feel the way I do about chickens, everyone here not only relates, they're even CRAZIER about their own chickens!

    thanks to all of you for the overload of information and not thinking i'm crazy...especially Sumi, you put my mind at ease.
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    [​IMG] I always over think it. Sometimes I just need to go with it.

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