What if 1 leg doesn't function?


9 Years
Oct 15, 2010
I am still a bit shaken by it all. One of our adolescent girls (Daphne) was the victim of a dog attack yesterday morning. She survived it. There is a fair bit of damage to her back and pope's nose area. We cleaned her wound and are taking good care of her. But it appears she's lost the use of one leg. It doesn't look or feel broken, but it just hangs under her and doesn't support her weight at all. We are still new to chickens and this is our first predatory damage experience.

Do you have any advice/guidance about helping her? Can she still have a good quality of life? Any advice, suggestions, guidance is appreciated.

Thank you!
I once had an old ameracauna lose the use of her leg to an unknown injury that occured when I wasn't home. She just hopped around on one foot happy as a lark. She would lay down when she was tired then hop some more. She ate and drank fine and was otherwise a very happy bird.
Thank you both for the information. Daphne seems like she's committed to surviving. She's eating, drinking and trying to get around. I'm such a nervous Mommy though. Her wound is still so fresh and I worry about it getting infected.
~Lisa & Ty
We are watching her so closely for infection. We clean the wound a couple times a day with warm salt water and keep it lotioned with bacitracin ointment. We did have her outside in her box this morning but one of the flock attacked her so she's back in the house just inside the screen door. The hens can come up to the door, see her, chatter at her and vice versa but they can't hurt her anymore. It's probably better that way as the flies won't be able to get on her. I hope they accept her back once she's had some more time to recover.
Thank you for the guidance.

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