What if you don't know the ages of the pullets?

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    Sep 6, 2009
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    I have done some reading about feed, it is likely too late for me know, but I wondered what everyones thoughts are.

    I got 6 new chickens in September, various ages. I was lead to believe that 2 of the chickens were bantam breeds. So I fed them all the same food I feed my adult flock. One is definatley a bantam, but the other one she said was a bantam is not. So this hen was obviously a youngin as she is bigger than the bantam hen. She was chirping when we got the her ("other bantam"). So have I done this hen wrong by not feeding her the 6wks to adult food? They are on Layena crumble. This also leaves me wondering the ages of a few of the other chickens we got from her. I still like to learn the hard way! I was so excited about getting the chickens that I negelcted to get the information about them...wont do that again!
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    I think you'll be OK.
    Layena is high in calcium which can be hard on young kidneys. If you think they're close to laying I would just go with the flow. If you want you could switch everyone out to a raiser or grower food. (Not sure of the names) Good luck.


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