what illness would have these symptoms?


Crazy for Silkies
11 Years
Jan 17, 2013
hi I have a four month old silkie who has been sneezing for a few days she also will cough every now and then. her eyes are clear nose is clear no mucus present. poop goes from normal to slightly runny at times. she is eating and drinking but not as much as usual. she is holding her wings normally and is not puffed or ruffled. I realize this is respiratory but to what exact illness is this associated with? I've separated her and ive started her on tylan 50 1/4 cc once daily for five days in the breast muscle and today's my first day. I put vita pro B a supplement in her water. is there anything else I could be doing for her? does any one know what these symptoms are associated with? she doesn't seem to have the other symptoms of CRD could it be I just caught it before it progressed into the other symptoms? her only real symptoms are sneezing and a occasional cough. what do you think? I'm concerned. I really love my babies and I'm worried. do you have any other suggestions as to her treatment? thank you for your help and opinion.
thank you for the charts. I just can't narrow it down but I think I must have caught it in the beginning stages. your correct I likely wouldn't be able to tell exactly without a test. I just thought someone might know with the symptoms she has..but there is only sneezing and an occasionally a cough. hopefully I caught it in the beginng stages and the tylan will rid the symptoms. thank you much for your help.

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