What in the Heck?? my roo just attacked me


In the Brooder
5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
I've had him for more than a month and was leaving the hen house after feeding and watering everyday like I always do and he flew into the back of me. I turned to see what hit me and he flew at me again and (like a ninja) turned at the last minute and was kicking at me with spurs flying. I of course kicked him and he kept coming at me until I could get out the door, He went out their door so I ran back in and shut their door before he could get back in and he clawed at the door and was crowing like crazy.
whats up with that, I go in to shut them up at night and pet him and he comes to me for petting and I thought everything was good.
He has done it every night since then also, you would think he would get tired of getting kick across the house.

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