What In The World Do I Have?

Nov 25, 2010
I know, I should post pics, but right now I am just venting and breathing. I have bought I don't know how many auctions of eggs lately. But the ones I can remember were 5 cochin eggs (blue and red) off ebay. I got one to hatch, and it was a beautiful blue/grey? cochin. Big fluff ball. Then I got a lot of Lavender Americanas, don't remember which board I got them from, but anyway, I got 13, but only 4 hatched, I now have a variety of chicks. One is Black with furry legs, one is black with brown dots, hen I have two other black ones that have no fur on legs or feet, then I have a white/yellow? chick which is beginning to feather like a grey on his wings? Ok Good! Well I know they are not all Lavender Americanas.
I also remember ordering a lot of White Sultan Eggs. Out of those two have hatched (two days ago), they are grey with only 3 and 4 toes, no fur on feet. I believe Sultans are supposed to have 5 toes? Hmmm....anyway, there are still 12 in the bator. I candled those two days ago and seen movement. Tonight they all look dead. No movement. Dont know why I keep ordering eggs when I never get what I'm supposed to be getting lately.

Guess I am better off just ordering chicks.
I am sooo sorry to hear of that, but still I have to say, you're way worse off ordering chicks. The thing to do is simply get from a reputable breeder.
Get from someone who more than 3 people can vouch for, and someone who shows some kind of proof their stuff is legit. Again,
for the bad results.

It sounds like you have absolutely no Lav Ameraucanas in there, but instead possibly some Easter Eggers or Olive Eggers, The only possible pure Ameraucana are the clean legged solid black ones.

Yes, Sultans should have feathered legs and 5 toes. I personally never trust getting such rare breeds like Sultans, La Fleche, Crevecoeurs, Redcaps, Houdans, Buttercups, Campines, etc - Unless the breeder is good, has good stock, and shows photos to prove it. For one, I'll say right now, there are VERY FEW true breeders of the listed breeds out there.
Don't give up on your eggs if they smell ok, since I have incubated three times and quite often didn't see movement...but then they hatched.

I too have ordered eggs and hatched out something different than the breed I thought I bought.

Hang in there!!!

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