What incubator should I get from Brinsea?

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Jan 6, 2012
Hello, I have decided I need another incubator. I am trying to decide between the octagon 20 advance, the Brinsea mini advance EX or the R-com mini.


Depends. Do you expect to incubate more than 7 eggs at a time?

I have two MiniAdvance EX units, one MiniAdvance, and three Octagon20 Advance EX units. If I have a lot of eggs, they go into the Octagons. If I have a small number of eggs, they go into one or two of the Minis.
I've been very pleased with my mini advance. The biggest down side is that it only holds 7 eggs. On the up side, it only holds 7 eggs, so it keeps your chicken math under control.
I have the Mini Advance and love it. The only problem I have is when I'm looking for hatching eggs in the classified section I find eggs that I would like but there are too many for my little incubator. I fixed that problem Saturday night by ordering a Octagon 20 ECO and a auto turner.
I wouldn't consider the RCom mini. It only holds 3 eggs, right? Hardly seems worth it to me...

If I were you, I think I'd go for the Octagon Advance. Then when you've got the money, you can upgrade it by buying the humidity pump to add on to it. I mean, you can always incubate just 7 eggs in an Octagon if you're only wanting to hatch a small amount of chicks, but if you end up wanting more you couldn't ever stuff 20 eggs into a Mini, now could you?
x2 about the RCom mini, you'll be lucky to get 1-2 chicks from three eggs. Hardly enough to raise by themselves.
Have you ever set bantam eggs in your Octagon 20 Advance? How many were you able to fit in there? I know it says 24 chicken eggs, so I was guessing in the vicinity of 30 Bantam?
Do you just remove the turner trays for lockdown or what? Are they easy to clean? I've been looking at everything I can find on various incubators and unless I find a used Sportsman, that is a decent price,
I need to find another quality option.

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